Wednesday, May 27, 2009

District 12 4-H & Texas A&M Form College Planning Partnership

For several years, 4-H and Texas A&M University have been working together to provide valuable tools for parents preparing themselves and students for college. Recently, this relationship has grown to extend district-wide. At a recent meeting with county Extension agents, TAMU College of Agriculture & Life Sciences representatives presented a proposal to formalize this relationship to better support 4-H families in the district. This Higher Education Collaborative will provide 4-H families the opportunity to get an early start on preparing for higher ed.

"What parents many times don't understand is that many scholarships are based on PreSAT scores that occur long before the student becomes a senior in high school," said Rene Valdez who serves Cameron and Willacy Counties. There exist a number of valuable resources for families and the team of representatives will be working with agents, club managers, and parents across the district to get information and resources to them early.

For more information about this collaborative, contact Luis SaldaƱa at

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