Friday, September 10, 2010

D12 4-H Council Challenges Counties to SERVE!!!

Service is one of 4-H' most visible and impactful facets represented by one of the four H's in the 4-H Pledge, "My hands to larger service." Serving your community and serving others is a point of focus of teh 2010-2011 District 12 4-H Council Executive Committee. At their recent planning retreat last month, the newly elected Council set many goals but specifically identified "greater community service" as a priority. Service merited special communication across the district and some of the Council's projects essentially challenge counties to perform "greater service" locally. Each district activity has a service project associated with it and this post is intended to communicate a shared approach to greater service with all counties and encourage them to participate in this effort. Get more details about these projects on the District 12 4-H website and look at the 4-H Serves! page.

Counties should also be planning their one day 4-H events to take place on October 9th. Resources and information about this event can be found on the Texas 4-H website. Clubs and counties across the state will be conducting in one unified effort of service across the state. Don't get left behind!!!

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