Thursday, November 3, 2011

D12 Announces Training For Volunteers

The District 12 4-H program announced today that a workshop for volunteers has been scheduled for January 10th in Freer. The Workshop features 9 sessions for leaders to choose from with the opportunity to attend several. There s a minimal fee to cover program costs, but leaders will find that the workshops will be well-worth the investment.

  • Effective Club Meetings
  • Online Recordbook System
  • Shooting Sports - Shotgun
  • Shooting Sports - Archery & Rifle
  • Sheep & Goats
  • Dog Project Development
  • Fashion Storyboards
  • 2013 Steer Classification Changes
  • 4-H Scholarships

There is a stellar cast of workshop presenters and leaders will not be disappointed. Leaders can register starting November 15th through 4-H Connect. Registration fee is $13 per person. Contact your county Extension agent for more information and details.

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